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Bako Integrated Physician Solutions is a physician-owned provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services with a unique focus on the skin, soft tissue, and bone of the lower extremity. Our turn-key approach integrates unique pathology reporting that provides standard of care therapeutic options, with a corresponding portfolio of office-dispensed therapeutics. Bako’s comprehensive testing menu includes Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Analysis, which uses a punch of skin to assess for small fiber peripheral neuropathy, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from wounds, and Molecular Genetics. To expedite preauthorization of prescription topical nail antifungals, our Molecular Genetic Assay will identify pathogens in as little as 1-2 days, rather than the 4 weeks required by culture. We proudly boast in-network status with all national third party payors, and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies. We ARE podiatric pathology and therapeutics! For more information visit



Founded by podiatrists, for podiatrists, Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA) is the nation's leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians in the United States. For over 35 years, we have provided medical professional liability coverage while supporting and enhancing the podiatric profession through sponsorships, risk management seminars and annual scholarships for podiatric medical students, to name a few. We offer a variety of discounts, such as part-time, new practitioner, risk management, non-surgical and leave of absence, other insurance products through ProAssurance Agency, outstanding customer service and expert claims handling with a seasoned team of specifically approved defense counsel. PICA is committed to protecting and supporting podiatric physicians in every aspect of their practices. 


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Located in Memphis, TN, CrossRoads Extremity Systems designs, manufactures, and markets implant systems for foot and ankle surgery. Our goal is to provide a steady rhythm of novel and clinically relevant new products that distinguish us from other companies.

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At Everwell, our highly trained staff uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest advancements in medication to design individualized therapies for each of our clients and provide them with formulations of delivery, dosage strengths, and even flavor solutions to meet whatever need they may have. We work closely with physicians who have come to greatly rely on our ability to provide for the special needs of their patients, having built a reputation for our level of care and expertise in compounding medications; and our pharmacists are always on-site at our facility to offer advice on vitamins and supplements and answer any concerns that our clients may have regarding their specific prescriptions. As part of our goal in meeting the health needs of our clients, we also offer a wide range of product lines that align with our standards of excellence, available both at our Pensacola location and in our online store. At Everwell, we strive to make our pharmacy services as convenient as possible and offer timesaving options including online refill requests, auto-refill plans, and direct mailing services. Your health is a special thing! Consult with the caring staff at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy today!


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